WRAP 2017 Technical Planning Meeting

By Western Regional Air Partnership (other events)

Thu, Oct 26 2017 8:30 AM Fri, Oct 27 2017 12:00 PM

The WRAP Technical Steering Committee is meeting on October 25-27, 2017 in Snowbird, UT with the WRAP Work Groups’ Co-Chairs to begin development of a 2018-2019 Annual WRAP Workplan and discuss the in-kind and contractor-supported effort by the Work Groups. The objective of the meeting is to review the activities of each Work Group to be included in the 2-year Workplan and identify the meeting and call schedules, needs for staff support, scope of the Work Groups’ deliverables, and efforts by the TSC to assist.  The meeting organization will build from the 2017 Annual WRAP Workplan.  

The intent is for TSC members and advisors, and Work Group Co-Chairs to travel to Snowbird, although remote participation will be available.   

Meeting Agenda will be posted on the WRAP website.